Our purpose

Proposing sustainable investment solutions across the entire residential housing sector, backed by the expertise of France’s No. 1 landlord.

An investment universe spanning the entire residential trajectory,
underpinned by the businesses of the CDC Habitat Group…

Low-cost social housing

Emergency accommodation hostels

Social housing

Regulated affordable housing

rental housing

Regulated affordable housing

Local rental market including senior
and student residences

Unregulated housing

Medical social
services facilities

Nursing homes

…As part of a social and environmental impact approach


6,000 places in emergency shelters created

  • Helping to resolve the migrant crisis
  • Saving public money
  • Type of social support framed by four indicators
Intermediate housing funds

Creation of 25,000 intermediate housing units in the most supply-constrained areas

  • Number of households accommodated and response to demand in supply-constrained areas
  • Tenant satisfaction
  • Rent saved vis-à-vis the market rate
  • Tenants services provided
  • Environmental quality of dwellings
Portfolios (VESTA, etc.) and mandates

Re(creation) of a portfolio of rental housing owned by institutional investors

  • Developing an affordable housing offering within a contractual framework (lower-than-market rents)
  • Meeting the shortage of student accommodation with a suitable offering near major universities
  • Meeting the residential needs of an ageing population with tailored accommodation and services
Foncière Méditrine

Creation of accommodation in medical social services facilities with affordable rents

  • Restructuring the medical social services infrastructure
  • Supporting healthcare workers
  • Developing a service offering for the benefit of the people living there