Residential property management expertise that is unique in France

This expertise involves defining investment strategies, structuring and financial engineering, managing investment vehicles, seeking out and vetting assets, and managing them using standardised processes. Combining these different skills has been key to the success of the initiatives launched since 2014.

1. Devising formally documented investment strategies via the Investment thesis
2. Structuring anf financial engineering
3. Portfolio management
4. Sourcing and building up residential property portfolios
5. Residential property management

Devising residential investment strategies

Every single AMPERE Gestion initiative is underpinned by an investment thesis that draws upon the approach used to manage CDC Habitat’s portfolio of 500,000 units of housing, the contribution of the teams out in the field and investor expectations.

This structured approach guarantees clarity and a disciplined investment strategy when building portfolios and makes it possible to deploy standardised processes.

AMPERE’s funds also reflect a desire to meet long-term social, demographic and economic needs. This means that the assets we are seeking are often akin to social infrastructure.

Le Bel Canto - Fontenay le Fleury - Intermediate rental housing
Le Bel Canto – Fontenay le Fleury – Intermediate rental housing

Structuring and financial engineering

AMPERE Gestion has developed in-house expertise, rounded out by our partnerships with leading consultants, to arrange appropriate solutions for fund formation, club deals or mandates.

The fund formation process factors in all financial, sustainable investment, legal and regulatory issues to build durable and efficient investment solutions.

It covers the vetting of service providers, relations with the regulator and obtaining the necessary accreditation, drafting of all legal documentation and overseeing the various supervisory boards.

For the past five years, AMPERE Gestion has demonstrated its ability to deploy complex processes and responsive “investor-centric” services.

Managing investment vehicles

Funds and mandates are managed in accordance with several key guidelines:

Seeking out and selecting assets

Pooled sourcing arrangements are used to ensure process efficiency, leverage the resources and expertise of CDC Habitat and manage conflicts of interest.

This allows the Company to benefit from a unique pipeline of investment opportunities. CDC Habitat has a footprint in the investment market through its local teams and this is a key factor in its ability to build up funds and mandates.

The capacity to negotiate comprehensive, multi-annual deals with developers, planners and local authorities is a major source of efficiency.

Obviously, investment decisions are the sole responsibility of the management company: special attention is paid to setting out clear and transparent guidelines for allocating investment opportunities.

AMPERE GESTION 229 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré PARIS

Managing residential property

To consolidate the value of the property portfolio, the AMPERE model is underpinned by strong support from CDC Habitat Group in identifying and managing assets, through to block or split sales of property. AMPERE Gestion draws upon the expertise of teams specialised in development, site management and supervision, marketing and sale of housing, and rental, technical and portfolio management.

The backing of the Group enhances “traceability” all along the operational chain and helps build a much more powerful relationship than one between a management company and purely external service providers.  This integrated organisation structure is essential for managing residential assets, which requires local teams working out in the field and a highly standardised process engineering approach.

All conflict of interest management processes have been audited by major French and international institutional investors prior to their decision to invest in the funds under management.