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1st residential fund manager

Invest in housing with all of the experience of France’s No. 1 landlord

With each passing day, housing is emerging as one of the most resilient classes of assets, delivering the best long-term performance.

But not just anyone can manage a housing portfolio! You need teams, “boots on the ground” and industrial-scale organisation to maintain the buildings and provide tenants with proper services. Only the big players can generate the necessary economies of scale and leverage all the benefits of geographical diversity.

AMPERE Gestion was created with this vision in mind: enabling investors to unlock all the potential of housing, backed by the resources of France’s No. 1 landlord, CDC Habitat: 545,000 units of housing, a physical and virtual platform complete with call centres and a network of agencies throughout the country. Over 30,000 new builds every year.

Since it was created in 2014, AMPERE Gestion has set up numerous funds and mandates that provide investors with turnkey solutions for leveraging all the benefits of a secure residential housing investment.

Investment capacity by sector (% in value terms)
dated : 12/31/2022
– 49% Intermediate housing
– 45% Contractualised affordable housing
– 4% Managed residences
– 1% Emergency accommodation
– 1% Medical social services facilities

Combining corporate social responsibility and financial performance

Aside from its financial benefits, housing plays a crucial role in sustainable development, at the juncture of three imperatives:

Terrasses de l'arboretum - Rocquencourt 2
Terrasses de l’arboretum – Rocquencourt 2 – Intermediate rental housing

As a subsidiary of CDC Habitat and the Caisse des Dépôts Group, AMPERE Gestion is at the heart of this transition to a more inclusive type of housing: