AMPERE Gestion commits to creating a portfolio of over 8,000 units of housing

The fund will comprise a portfolio of more than 8,000 units of free market and intermediate housing currently belonging to CDC Habitat Group. It will be open to institutional investors and CDC Habitat will only hold onto a minority stake.

17 June 2021

A major operation on the French housing market  

Both the scale and diversity of this major operation will provide an opportunity for investors to gain exposure to the French residential market by harnessing the expertise of CDC Habitat.  
The portfolio to be contributed by CDC Habitat comprises over 8,000 units of housing: over 70% free market rental housing and 30% intermediate housing. 
Half the portfolio is located in the Paris region and the rest in major French cities. Properties are divided equally between existing housing and new housing already acquired on an off-plan basis (in French: VEFA – Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement) or secured by CDC Habitat, which guarantees the Fund real growth momentum over the first few years. 

A long-term partnership with CDC Habitat based around a turnkey integrated management solution  

In the interests of all parties, CDC Habitat will hold onto a minority stake in the fund however, this will not give it any specific decision-making power.
Investors will benefit from the support of France’s leading residential management platform as well as the rental management, asset management and fund management services provided by the teams of CDC Habitat. Indicative offers should be received by end-July 2021.
CDC Habitat is being partnered by JLL and Natixis Partners.  

Continuing a responsible investment dynamic 

Dynamic management of this fund will enable CDC Habitat to continue to grow and will help finance the two recovery plans being spearheaded by the Group for the production of new social, intermediate and affordable housing. 

Both CDC Habitat – and its subsidiary AMPERE Gestion since its creation in 2014 – are firmly focused on financing affordable housing and offering institutional investors a quality and diversified portfolio.  

After creating ten funds in six years, AMPÈRE Gestion is continuing its responsible investment drive and deploying an investment capacity of some €10.7 billion backed by over €5.4 billion in equity raised.  

Creating a quality portfolio for a residential market fund is a unique operation on the French market and it provides a rare opportunity to be part of the development of a portfolio of over 8,000 units of housing.”

Nathalie Caillard

“This fund will accelerate the financing of the recovery plans being spearheaded by CDC Habitat Group, by helping it to maintain the pace of development and production of new social, intermediate and affordable housing.”

Vincent Mahé
Chairman of the Management Board, AMPERE Gestion